Shri Bhirbhanjan
Mahadevo Vijayatetarām
Shrimat-Swami Vishvatmananda Giri

 Om Namah Shivaya Bank

Swamiji Maharaj emphasizes very much on the recitation of Mantra. A spiritual movement named "Om Namah Shivaya Bank" has been started by Swamiji in which empty printed books are given to the devotees and interested persons, in which they have to write "Om Namah Shivaya" and fill it as per the pledge taken or in their free time and return it back to the Ashram.

A person needs to write 6,70,000 times for the completion of Anushthan of Om Namah Shivaya, which gets completed in 134 books supplied by the Ashram.

Recitation of Mantra has such a great importance that Goswami Tulsidas ji in Shri Ram Charit Manas has said:

कलियुग केवल नाम अधारा। सुमिरि सुमिरि नर उतरहिं पारा॥
कहँ लगि कहौं मैं नाम बड़ाई। राम न सकहिं नाम गुण गाई॥

You should only rely on Name Recitation in Kalyug, you can get freed
from all sorrows and from cycle of life and death by reciting the name.
How much should I say the importance of recitation, even Lord Shri Ram
would not be able to completely tell the importance of Name Recitation.

If someone is interested in this Divine Anushthan then they can contact the Ashram.