Shri Bhirbhanjan
Mahadevo Vijayatetarām
Shrimat-Swami Vishvatmananda Giri

Swamiji - His Life

Although being a householder, Swamiji's life was well disciplined since beginning and his mind always used to be occupied in the meditation of God. As the influence of spirituality started to grow, he could not remain and continue in the householder life and in the year 1972 he renounced his former life and went to his Guru, His Divinity 108 Shrimat Swami Chaturbhujananda Giri ji Maharaj, who himself was a great Master of Hatha Yoga and a great practitioner of Pranayama. Swamiji expressed his wish to take Sannyasa and requested his Guruji to give him Sannyasa-Diksha. Guruji accepted his request and initiated him in Sannyasa and Hatha Yoga and gave him his vast knowledge of Pranayama.

Spending some time at the holy feet of his Guruji and with his permission, Swamiji was deeply immersed in Sadhana-Anushthana in various pilgrim places.

For the last 25 years Swamiji is residing in Haridwar serving the living beings and performing his Sadhana.