Shri Bhirbhanjan
Mahadevo Vijayatetarām
Shrimat-Swami Vishvatmananda Giri

Sant Seva

Although the Ashram does not have any medical facilites of its own, it serves free of cost all the sick and stricken Saints and tries to provide all the possible medical aids. It also bears the expense of an operation as and when needed.

The Ashram provides spectacles to all the Saints who are in need of them.

The Ashram also freely distributes blankets and Chyawanprash in winter, mosquito nets in summer and umbrellas in the rainy season to the Saints as a service to them.

Monthly rations and some expenses are provided by the Ashram to the old Sadhu ladies staying at the bank of Ganga.

Distribution of Chyawanprash to Saints Distribution of blankets to Saints Distribution of mosquito nets to Saints