Shri Bhirbhanjan
Mahadevo Vijayatetarām
Shrimat-Swami Vishvatmananda Giri

Swamiji - His Personality

Swamiji Maharaj's nature is very loving and frank. He has a special fondness towards the Sadhakas and spiritual Seekers. He is very soft-spoken and caring and likes to follow the rules and also loves the people who follows them. He always says to his followers that "साधु संतो के क्षण एवं अनाज के कण का बिगाड़ नहीं होना चाहिये", which means "You should not waste a second of Saints and a grain of food" and “जो समय का मूल्य नहीं करता, समय उसका मूल्य नहीं करता” which gets translated to "The person who doesn't respect time in his life will not be respected by time himself".

Swamiji never disappoints a person who comes to him with some legitimate need and he cannot see someone in sorrow. He has a soft corner in his heart filled with kindness especially towards the sick and diseased people.

Even at this age Swamiji's life presents us with an excellent example to be followed.