Shri Bhirbhanjan
Mahadevo Vijayatetarām
Shrimat-Swami Vishvatmananda Giri

Trust Therapy

Swamiji Maharaj shows a way for the effacement of sorrows and disease with his Prasada and Name Recitation.

If any kind of medicine is being used by his devotees, then - whether they may be diabetic or suffering from any other incurable disease - Swamiji asks them to stop the medicine immediately when they approach him. He gives them the Mantra and tells the exact period of time the Mantra has to be recited, based on their past deeds, because the human body is given to bear the Karmic fruits of past deeds. Swamiji sees in his meditation which past bad deed deserves how much Mantra recitation and then accordingly instructs the devotees about the Name Recitation.